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with 301 (A 2 ½) size can tools Seaming Chucks and base plate for other size.


Designed to emboss can lids without damaging the tin coating without alphabets and numerals & with 2 row 6 digits die.
Alphabets & Numerals A to Z & 0 to 9

Being afood machinery manufacturer,Gee Gee Foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. is empowered to bring the best machinery to cater the demands of the food industry. We are known for offering complete food processing machines, plants, and food packaging solutions to our clients. Our main focus is to constantly work on our engineering, designs, and product USPs to make all of our equipment successful in the market.

Keeping the same consideration in mind, we have manufactured Treadle Lid Embossing Machine. The Machinery is designed to meet the standard ends with the required reference letters or figures without damaging the tin coating where the alphabets, numerals are written. Alphabets and Numerals from A to Z and 0 to 9 are correctly placed to make it easily operational. The Lid Embossing Machine is operated by a foot treadle, when depressed, embosses the lid under marks dies, without Peiching it. We believe that the demands and the requirements of every client differ in a lot of senses. Therefore, we offer this machine in customized form as well that can very well serve their needs.

Gee Gee Foods Treadle lid embossing machine comes with the Hand can seamer (M.B. Type) that is 301 (A 2 ½) size and can tool seaming chucks and base plate for other sizes. To make any technologically-based food machinery useful for our consumers, we make sure that we do our proper work in doing our research and implement the same in our engineering, designing, and innovation. Be assured of the quality performance of the treadle lid embossing machine that is widely used in food processing and other industries. Being reliable food machinery manufacturers in the industry for several years, we understand our responsibility in conducting ethical practices and towards our customers. Get this efficient machinery from Gee Gee Foods and make your work easy.

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