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Cake Mixers

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Cake Mixer / 3 Speed Mixer / Planetary Mixer

This is a basic bakery machine to prepare dough for any bakery Item like Cake, Pastry, Patty or Biscuit. It has 3 attachment supplied along with, which can be changed easily and does not require any extra skill or tools. Machine is having gear box, with the help of a lever, we can change the speed i.e if we require to prepare dough for Bread i.e without adding any oil or milk, we require to run the machine in Ist gear or on slowest speed. 2nd gear is used to prepare dough for Cake, Biscuit etc. and Machine is run on 3rd gear for Egg / Cream beating.
Operation is planetary, which ensures smooth and quick beating of dough etc.

It has all the contact parts made of stainless steel, standard motor, standard gear box and smooth changing of gears. Only Precaution to be taken is "DO NOT CHANGE GEAR, WHEN MACHINE IS IN MOTION".

Capacity Available
10 Kg. Maida 16 Kg. Dough 30 Lit. Bucket
15 Kg. Maida 22 Kg. Dough 40 Lit. Bucket
25 Kg. Maida 40 Kg. Dough 45 Lit. Bucket

One Charge takes app. 30 minutes to be ready.

This machine can be used for mixing any product in industry, may be pharmaceutical, Food, Juice, Ink, Powder, Granules and any such item which may be dry or wet.
If you are looking for trouble free versatile. Basic bakery machine with a long life then this machine is what you opt for

Note:- Those who need a cheaper solution and have to do only cream / egg beating or cake mixing, we have belt driven model for the purpose.

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