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Cake Mixer / 3 Speed Mixer / Planetary Mixer

This is a basic bakery machine to prepare dough for any bakery Item like Cake, Pastry, Patty or Biscuit. It has 3 attachment supplied along with, which can be changed easily and does not require any extra skill or tools. Machine is having gear box, with the help of a lever, we can change the speed i.e if we require to prepare dough for Bread i.e without adding any oil or milk, we require to run the machine in Ist gear or on slowest speed. 2nd gear is used to prepare dough for Cake, Biscuit etc. and Machine is run on 3rd gear for Egg / Cream beating.
Operation is planetary, which ensures smooth and quick beating of dough etc.

It has all the contact parts made of stainless steel, standard motor, standard gear box and smooth changing of gears. Only Precaution to be taken is "DO NOT CHANGE GEAR, WHEN MACHINE IS IN MOTION".

Capacity Available
10 Kg. Maida 16 Kg. Dough 30 Lit. Bucket
15 Kg. Maida 22 Kg. Dough 40 Lit. Bucket
25 Kg. Maida 40 Kg. Dough 45 Lit. Bucket

One Charge takes app. 30 minutes to be ready.

This machine can be used for mixing any product in industry, may be pharmaceutical, Food, Juice, Ink, Powder, Granules and any such item which may be dry or wet.
If you are looking for trouble free versatile. Basic bakery machine with a long life then this machine is what you opt for

Note:- Those who need a cheaper solution and have to do only cream / egg beating or cake mixing, we have belt driven model for the purpose.

Serving the marvelous bakery items is the ultimate motive of every bakery store or confectionery manufacturers. Gee Gee Food and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. brings the 3-speed Planetary Mixer for the bakery. You can easily prepare the dough of bakery items like cake, pastry, patty, or biscuits with this highly advanced machinery. You can even change the speed or the compositions with the 3 attachments that come along with it.

Each attachment is engineered to blend a dough at a different speed. First gear delivers the minimum speed mainly used for items like bread dough. Second gear prepares dough for cake, biscuits that require comparatively high speed. The last and third gear can effectively beat the eggs or creams. You need to take care of not changing the speed while the machinery is in the dough-making process.

To ensure durability and efficiency, the contact parts of the planetary mixer for the bakery items are made of stainless steel, standard motor, standard gearbox, and smooth changing gears. There are three models available in this category to make a dough of different capacities. It takes only 30 minutes to charge the mixer and make it operational for use.

The machinery is powerful enough to mix the ingredients in both dry and wet states. The food industry is also recognizing the need for this high-tech equipment that can even blend products like pharmaceuticals, food, juice, ink, powder, granules, and much more. Get ready to make your food processing easy and accessible with the versatile technology of planetary mixers for the bakery. Why go ahead with the complex processes when you can make it simpler with our equipment. We also provide a cheaper solution that can perform only egg or cream beating to meet the demands of the small confectionery manufacturers. Our motive is to fulfill the purpose of the food industry with our engineered equipment.

What is planetary mixer? Uses of planetary mixer for bakery

The planetary mixer is one of the most used bakery equipment in the most commercial kitchen. They are also known as cake mixers or dough mixers.

The mixer gets its unique name because of how they rotate. The mixing implement, which can include a dough hook or beater, actually rotates around the mixer’s own axis and throughout the circumference of the utensil in which the baking ingredients are there. The movement of the mixer resembles the movements of the planets.

The planetary mixer for bakery is highly versatile and is used in small bakeries. It offers plenty of options for bakers who want to prepare different kinds of foods. While they are great for blending cookie ingredients, they also can be used to slice vegetables with the addition of an appropriate attachment. Such a versatile mixer allows bakers to experiment a little by offering their customers different choices other than traditional baked goods.

All planetary mixers come with one motor and a non-rotating bowl. They are sized by the volume of the ingredients they can hold in their bowls. Their capacities usually range from five to 140 quarts.

All planetary mixers for bakery need proper attachments and agitators for the best performance. Whips, beaters, dough hooks, whisks and pastry knives are some of the common kinds of agitators used for bowl mixing. They can mix things from frosting to cookie dough. On the other hand with proper attachments like slicers and shredders, they can also cut, dice, chop and grind. These further extend the capabilities of the mixer to perform other functions like mixing making it a wonderful all-purpose mixer in a commercial kitchen.

Smaller planetary mixers can easily be placed on the countertop, however, larger planetary mixers are floor-standing and require a bit more space. This makes planetary mixer a great choice for general-purpose bakeries, kitchens, and pizzerias. When deciding to buy a mixer, bakers need to consider current kitchen space, mixing and production needs, and potential for future growth.

Benefits of using a Planetary Mixer for bakery

  • All the baked products need better and accurate mixing and a planetary mixer just helps you in making the best possible mixing of the ingredients. It ensures that the goodies prepared with it are the best ones
  • As already mentioned, planetary mixers for bakery are exceptionally versatile
  • The mixer involves lower physical effort and labor
  • The planetary mixer produces less noise and consumes less energy as compared to the other popular mixers used for baking purposes
  • The mixer ensures safe and secure means of operation. This means that occupational labour accident is minimized. In addition, the mixer comes with sensor technology that causes the instant deactivation of the equipment in case of mishap
  • The planetary mixers for bakery allow compact installation making it the best option for bakers who have limited space to install the machine

Gee Gee Foods and Packaging Co. Pvt. Ltd. - Top bakery equipment manufacturers in India

Gee Gee Foods is a reputed bakery equipment manufacturer and supplier in India. Being a leader in the bakery space, you can find all your specialty baking equipment needs with us including a planetary mixer for bakery.

Owing to a customer centric approach, we deliver the best range of high-quality bakery machines. We focus on innovation and quality enhancements that have helped us in receiving recurring orders from our clients.

Optimize your kitchen with the best bakery equipment from Gee Gee Foods. To know more about planetary mixers from Gee Gee Foods, get in touch with us today. We would be glad to assist you.

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