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Bread Slicer Machine

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Bread Slicer Machine Manufacturer

The machine is used for slicing the loafs of Bread, Rusk or for any specific requirement for Buns, Cakes etc. It is normal speed machine and does not heat the product much to avoid change of color or taste in the product.

Machines suitable for cutting Bread to prepare different size of slices are available , but one machine is suitable for one size of slice only. Available cutting thickness are 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 m and 20 mm.

In normal machine bread size up to 4" X 4" X 12" can be cut, but in the machine for jumbo bread, Bread Size up to 6" X 6" X 16" can be cut into slice.

Bread Slicers/Cutter Machine Features

  • Precision engineering design means reduced maintenance and less wear.
  • Designed for low maintenance with the Maintenance Manager in mind.
  • Speed ramp-up and slow-down capabilities for in-line mass production.
  • Slicing blade angle set for optimum slicing efficiency.
  • Food grade high grip conveyor belts.
  • All stainless steel parts in contact with bread loaves.
  • Oil free bushings in sliding of frames.
  • This is used in the slicing of bread, rusk and cakes.
  • Through the frames support guides for optimum product handling and consistent slice thickness.

These machines are also suitable to cut Rusk of any size for commercial production.

We also have machine which can cut Bread and Rusk loafs together. This machine is suitable to those who have different requirement from the market.

Blade size is 12" and Spare Blades are available for supply any time. The machine is fitted with standard ½ HP Motor.

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